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Knowledge is Bred from Diligence of the Mind.
I Choose the Truth.
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...excuse me?

To: Mr. Braginsky
Sent: 21 May 4:42 PM

What is this? And why was it in your closet?

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...excuse me?
My hair has—

I cannot believe that it's been—

And now I'll be in handcuffs until the end of the century.

14th-Feb-2011 03:53 pm - [Blog Post: #4] What is this.
The Clark Kent to My Superman
I don't want to buy your chocolate. Neither do I want to buy your roses. Or your teddy bears. Or your overpriced cards.

Or your heart-shaped pizza.

Or your heart-shaped cakes.

Or your heart-shaped anything.

I am not lonely, so stop telling me that I need to buy heart-shaped paraphernalia.
The Clark Kent to My Superman
78K 0:27
“Hello, this is Im Eun Soo of the Dominatrix Fantasy Lines. If you would like to be redirected to a specific operator, please press 2, to hear our rates and service hours, press 3. If you would like to speak to a male operator, please press 7. To speak directly to a non-roleplay involved representative, press 9. To be forwarded to the Dicktator, please press 69. To repeat this message, press pound.”

Transcribed by: salutethered
22nd-Jan-2011 09:40 am - [Blind Date Log: #1] Another Failure
The Clark Kent to My Superman

Date: 21 January 2011
Name: Choi Si Woon
Age: 27
Occupation: Business Accountant on Wahl Avenue
Personality: Mildly coma-inducingly dull. Two seconds into the entire arrangement, I couldn't help but to ask what his personal inclination towards BDSM and medieval torture devices were. He asked to be excused to the bathroom quite quickly after that.

I took that opportunity to flee the site. Mother said that I had to meet him, not that I had to sustain my meeting with him.

I hope he enjoys paying for my five caramel macchiatos and an orange juice.
The Clark Kent to My Superman
Please and thank you.

I'd like to fulfill relations and plans with anyone who is (or isn't) willing.

Info.Collapse )
This Icon is So Inappropriate
I need to leave this house.

As in forever.

If I am found in a gutter, please tell my idiot brother that his presence could have prevented this from happening. And don't let him touch my computer.
98K 0:34
“Hello, Mr. Im Hak Soo, this is a representative of the Liberty Nuclear Regulatory Commission. We have been informed that your address of: 8774 St. Wilgeforth's Ave, St. Wilgefortis, Liberty has been using unauthorised means of nuclear power sources. Later that day, we went into our archives and found that there was a hidden IP address that logged into our data base on January 12, 2011, at 13:57 hours. Please return notification that you have received this message before further incident arises. Thank you and have a nice day.”

Transcribed by: salutethered
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